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GENERAL QUICK - Singer/SongWriter/Producer

     Pastor Orrick Quick also known as “General Quick” was born and raised in High Point, NC. He is a prolific teacher, preacher and motivational speaker that focuses on helping people realize their God given potential. His slogan is “you must be able to convert your pain into passion, so your passion can help you fulfill your purpose.”
Pastor Orrick Quick was also a tv co-host for the FOX Daytime talkshow “The Preachers.” As a result of the 15 episode showcase, Pastor Quick was selected as one of EBONY’s Power 100 honorees which can be revealed in the December 2016/January 2017 edition of EBONY magazine.
     As of 2017, Pastor Quick has released his first book entitled “Your Reign is Over” which deals with the spirit of Jezebel that runs rampant in our churches today. It also teaches you how to overcome the enemy's greatest tactics such as manipulation and intimidation. In addition to the book, Pastor Quick has a brand new album entitled “Spiritual Warfare.” General Quick has a fresh new sound guaranteed to inspire the world. “Spiritual Warfare” is an album that incorporates Christian hype music to keep you invigorated for your lifetime goals.
     General Quick plans to use his music as a witness tool to help this younger generation overcome worldly temptations. Too many times we allow our mistakes to define our destiny. Therefore, General Quick believes that you should never allow your past to have a meeting with your future without your potential being present!

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